How can I download my transcript?

Download a certified transcript or an unedited Rough Draft available immediately after your deposition:

1.  Navigate to the case of the deposition (use Global Search or click through the filesystem).

2.  Click on the deposition folder and locate the transcript - the file with the purple microphone icon.

     IMPORTANT: Check the status of the transcript before downloading the PDF. If the status is 'Rough Draft Completed' and you need a certified transcript, here's how to order a Certified Transcript.

3.  Click on the name of the transcript to open the word-for-word synced version of the transcript:

4.  On the top right, click Download to download a PDF:

Leverage our free digital features instead of reading old school PDFs!

  1.  Auto Summaries generated after each deposition (more info).
  2.  Export Clips with closed captions (more info).
  3.  Click on any word to play audio from that very moment (more info).
  4.  Bookmark important lines by clicking the bookmark icon next to a line.
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