Working with deposition transcripts and videos

In the Parrot's digital transcript Viewer, attorneys get transcripts automatically synced up with the deposition audio and video. This with many other useful features makes transcript digesting 10x easier:

  1.  Play audio from any word by clicking on it and hitting play or space.
  2.  Change video size and position.
  3.  Export clips with closed captions.
  4.  Highlight important testimonies.
  5.  Change audio playback speed.
  6.  Jump on the timeline by fast–forwarding.


1.  Play audio from any word in the transcript by clicking directly on it and clicking the ▶️ play button on the audio player:

2.  Expand the video by clicking on the video box, then change its size by dragging the edge or adjust its position:

3.  Create a Clip from your text selection:

4.  Change the speed of the audio playback by clicking on the speed adjuster and choosing your desired speed:

5.  Go back or fast-forward by 5 seconds by clicking on the rewind or fast forward arrow buttons:

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (213) 632-5374.

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