Effortless Cut & Pasting

Everyone's familiar with the pain accompanying cutting text from always differently formatted PDF transcripts, spending valuable time fixing new lines in a motion doc.

After pasting from transcript text, your legal brief often looks like this:

In the Parrot Transcript Viewer, we approach it differently. Just select passage of your transcript and hit CTRL + C, then CTRL + V in your document. That's it. No further editing needed to make it look great. It already does.

There are two ways to copy and paste a citation from the Parrot transcript management software:

1. Copy citations with source, designations & formatting

When formally presenting a citation in a motion or a trial presentation, nice formatting and a source below are musts. No problem! Select your text and hit the Copy quote button. Then paste it into your document.

2. ... or cut & paste citation plain text only

Sometimes, you need only the citation text itself. To do that, select your text, hit CTRL + C, then CTRL + V in your document. No name labels, no citations, no formatting. Just the plain text.

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