How to access the rough draft transcript?

Tip: A Rough Draft is different from a Certified Transcript and contains mistakes. To order a Certified Transcript, check out this article.PRO Tip: Many users utilize Rough Drafts to gather and share noteworthy moments immediately after a deposition. See more info here.

How to Access the Rough Draft:

1.  Navigate to the case of the deposition, click on the deposition folder and locate the transcript (the transcript is the file with the purple microphone icon)

2.  Once the status says 'Rough draft completed' it means that you are able to access the synced-up Rough Draft video and transcript

3.  Click on the transcript file to open the rough draft

How to Download the Rough Draft:

1.  Click on the 'Download' button on the top right section to download the PDF copy of the Rough Draft of the transcript.

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