Saving time & money with Rough Draft transcripts

PRO Tip: Many attorneys utilize this un-proofed transcript version to quickly gather and share noteworthy moments immediately after a deposition instead of waiting for a court reporter to finish the certified version.

Traditional court reporters write down everything that is being said during a deposition at the deposition. To be able to keep up with the speed, they use a special set of characters which is faster to type but is not readable by an untrained person. It's later broken down and re-written by the court reporter before sent to an attorney as a PDF document.

Save time & money with Parrot's Rough Drafts

Parrot does it differently and instead uses AI to automatically write down everything that is being said during a deposition.

The difference is, Parrot's AI can transcribe speech into human readable text - Rough Drafts, which we offer you for free immediately after all depositions!

Thanks to Rough Drafts, attorneys and their support staff can start working on the case immediately after a deposition ends. No need to wait days for a court reporter to prepare their certified transcripts.

IMPORTANT: Although Parrot's AI is considered to be of very high quality - between 85-95% accurate, a Rough Draft is not a replacement for a certified transcript, as it can still contain transcription errors.

That is why it is always recommended to click on the synced up transcript words to play their associated audio and make sure the Rough Draft transcript is correctly transcribed.

In case a deposition transcript is needed by official authorities or for a trial, you can order a certified version of the transcript where all the errors are fixed by our professional legal transcriptionists. Such a transcript contains a certificate from the court reporter who had attended the deposition with you and is eligible at courts.

PRO Tip: Order certified transcripts only when really needed and save your client's money, or just spend the budget differently, maximizing your chances to win the case...

See how to order a certified transcript here.

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