Learn how to efficiently use Parrot Auto Summaries

When it comes to deposition transcript reviews or summarization, there is no time to waste. Learn how to navigate in the Parrot's interface to take full advantage of our time saving product!

Build your own summary on top of our automatically generated Auto Summary:

  1. Hover over the summary in the sidebar and pick a summary card to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button to open a text editor.
  3. Polish the pre-generated text, filter out unimportant facts or add anything that's missing.
  4. Add a quick note to help with navigation when reading the transcript later.
  5. When finished, click the Download button and choose "Summary of transcript (.docx)" to trigger the download of a Word document.

There is always an option to create your own summary from scratch:

Select text in the transcript which you want to assign your own summary description to and click the Summarize button in the toolbar menu. Or hit the +Create button in the sidebar and fill the page/line numbers manually.

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