How to quickly schedule a deposition?

Here's how you can quickly schedule a deposition: 

1. Navigate to "Get Quick Link" - you can find this under the "Actions" on the right side of your dashboard or by clicking on the "+New" dropdown menu by the search bar.

2. Select the proper proceeding type - Deposition, Examination Under Oath, or Hearing - and click "Continue"

3. The link to the proceeding will be generated, ready for you to copy to your notice. 

4. Copy paste the Parrot link and add it to your deposition notice, then save your notice as PDF

Sample of Notice: 

5. Once you have the PDF copy of the notice, upload it onto our platform. Wait a couple of seconds and the system will automatically parse the file and create a case for you.

6.Once you see that the fields are auto-populated, review the details and ensure that all the information is correct. Once you've checked the details, click "Schedule" and the event will be scheduled.

Note: Click here for the video tutorial on how to quickly schedule proceedings.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (213) 632-5374. 

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