How can I schedule a deposition?

Here are the steps to schedule a deposition with Parrot: 

1. Log-in to your account at

2. Under 'New' click 'Schedule proceeding'

3. In the 'Schedule recording' modal, select the case this proceeding is a part of, if it's a new case, click on 'New Case' and add the following information: 

  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant 
  • Case Number 
  • State 
  • County 
  • Owners 
Note: The 'Who can access' field allows you to assign one or more attorneys/ support staff in your organization to a case. The Owners of the case will be able to access the uploaded recording

4. Once the case has been selected or created, fill out all the deposition details to schedule it:

Note: ONLY 1 witness should be scheduled per deposition since each witness is linked to the unique synced up transcript, certificate, and invoice.

Note: Add the witness as an attendee for the event and their name will automatically show up in the deposition name. Example: Deposition of John Smith.

5. Once the event has been scheduled, you will be directed to this page:

A - This is the Parrot deposition Link which you can put in your deposition notice. Each witness should have their own unique Parrot link since each link is connected to the synced-up transcript, certificate, and invoice for each deposition. 

Note:  We suggest adding the following language to your deposition notice,  “This deposition (or EUO) will be conducted remotely, and will be recorded using audio and video conference technology by Parrot Court Reporting.”

B - When you upload the deposition notice here and it will be accessible for the attendees of the deposition.

C - If you want to upload the exhibits prior to the deposition you can upload them through this button. Alternatively, you can also upload the exhibits after the deposition by sending them to To change the order of the exhibits, click 'Change exhibits order'.

D - Update or Reschedule by clicking 'Edit proceeding' or Cancel your deposition by clicking 'Cancel proceeding'

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (213) 632-5374. 

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