How can I access the meeting link?

To access the deposition link follow these steps:

There are three ways to access the link:

Access it through your Cases

1. Log-in to your account at

2. Select the case wherein the deposition is scheduled under

3. Highlight the row of the appropriate deposition (by clicking on the row and now the text)

4. In the Proceeding Details panel on the right, locate the link to the video conference

Access it inside a deposition folder

1. Log-in to your account at

2. Select the case wherein the deposition is scheduled under, click into the deposition folder

3. In the Actions panel on the right, click "Copy proceeding link" (A) to copy the link to the proceeding

4. If you want to see more meeting connection details, click the microphone icon (B) or 'Show proceeding and connection details' (C)

Access it from the Proceedings Calendar

1. Log-in to your account at

2. Click on 'Proceedings' in the left navigation bar

3. Select the deposition in the calendar and find video conference details in the popover

To access the deposition link without logging in to your account follow these steps:

1. Go through your emails, if you are a listed attendee and your email address is added to the deposition you will receive a reminder email 1 hour prior to the deposition.

2. Click on ' Join this deposition' to instantly access the Zoom call.

3. To access the event information click on the Parrot link from the email.

Note: The Parrot app link format is 5555555


  • Exhibits  - If there are any exhibits uploaded prior to the deposition it will show up here. 
  • Live Transcript - It is the real-time transcript for the deposition, make sure you are logged in to your account to be able to access that button. 
  • Connection Info - If you are unable to connect through Zoom, you can get the dial-in information when you click this button. 
  • Attendees - The listed attendees for the deposition are shown here. 
  • Event Notice - The deposition notice is uploaded there. 

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (213) 632-5374. 

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