Advanced Search Functionalities

Parrot's new search functionality is so much more than what you're used to. Let's go over what it is capable of:

  1. Search inside (scanned) exhibits: Our OCR technology immediately makes all the exhibits you upload searchable. Even with scanned documents — we try our best to make them searchable for you!

  2. Images searchable with words: It is not just textual documents that you can search in. Do your exhibits contain images? Type "car" in your search query and our search lists all the exhibits that contain an image of a car.
  3. Narrow search results with filters: Search in all past depositions, or narrow your search to a particular case or deposition, or switch between searching inside transcripts or exhibit files.

  4. Filter testimony of a participant: Use our filters to list all the testimony of a specific participant in a deposition, may it be a deponent across several depositions, or an opposing counsel attorney.

  5. Fast search result previews: In most products, you have to click through all the search results using the arrows to get to the result you're looking for. Parrot's search is way easier! Immediately after typing your query, you get all the results in a clear preview list to scroll through. After choosing a result, you can still use the old-school arrows to iterate over the results, exactly like you're used to.

  6. Robust to typos and partial match results: Who doesn't make a typo from time to time. Our search can even handle those fat finger moments! Further, our search is smart enough to deal with partial multi-word matches too.

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