How to use the Calendar View to check scheduled depositions?

Here are the steps to check the scheduled depositions with Parrot:

1. Select 'Proceedings' from the navigation bar on the left

2. Choose which timeframe you want as your view for the scheduled depositions

Month - All the scheduled depositions for the month 

Week - All the depositions scheduled within the week 

Day - All the depositions scheduled on any given day

List - This is all the scheduled depositions for the week in a list instead of a calendar view. 

3. Use the < or > arrow keys to change which week/month/ day you are viewing

4. Use the following filters to sift through the depositions scheduled. Simply type the name of the Scheduler, Attorney, or Case and select it from the dropdown of each filter. 

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (213) 632-5374. 

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